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About Us

Our thoughts and actions are consistently, sustainably and successfully focused on renewable energies. We are committed to ensuring a clean future and a world worth living in with our energy solutions.

We envision the future of a renewable energy revolution and Carbon Compass to be a cornerstone in this dynamic power shift. In an increasing eco-friendly engineering era, we seek to build a novel and sustainable world through our modern energy solutions..

We provide our partners with an extensive portfolio and future-orientated tools and know-how. This individual support and our brand awareness help business partners to operate successfully in the market. We focus on long-term partnerships and cooperation’s.

Carbon Compass Enterprise as a core engineering company is a producer and distributor of industrial power systems. Our ability to deliver unparalleled quality products with a reliable supply chain fuels our growth as a major regional enterprise. We aim to nurture small and medium scale engineering ventures through our collaborations with national and international partnerships.

We don't want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want.

The virtue of impeccable quality and the enthusiasm for futuristic ideas remain the core of our organization.

We use the potential of digitalisation to optimise our processes and offer efficient products and services.

We take pride in delivering the finest products and we share our responsibility in enabling our consumer’s business with cutting edge technology solutions.

Our Business

Carbon Compass Enterprises has been a leading provider of Lithium Products throughout India since 2017. Delivering unmatched performance and steadfast reliability are our priorities in our business. Since our inception, we’ve been working to promote lithium products at a global scale, while maintaining the values and trust of our client community.

Our strategy is in supplying high quality Lithium cells, BMS, Battery chargers and accessories at competitive prices and providing allied services including customization, technical support and spot on shipments. We augment businesses by supporting OEM and ODM productions.

The mantra of ‘Discipline and Dedication’ has earned us the unwavering support and satisfaction of our faithful consumers.

We Accompany You To The Production Stage
Our Design / Culture / Development

The Lithium electronics market is highly dynamic and evolving with a massive growth in recent years. The numerous components involved in batteries, modules and systems fabrication offers manifold lucrative opportunities to participate in this area. However, this requires a precise overview of the opportunities and risks in the individual fields. Carbon Compass Enterprises supports businesses with diverse consulting services.

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