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Carbon Compass Enterprises

Carbon Compass Enterprises is a one-stop solution for catering to all your Lithium battery needs

Carbon Compass Enterprises has been providing Lithium Products in its native India since 2017. Performance and reliability are our main priorities. Since our inception, we’ve been working to promote lithium products at a global scale, while maintaining the values of our client community.

We Commit to Supply high quality Lithium cells, BMS, Battery charger and Accessories with competitive price and provide best services which include on -time shipment and technical support.

We are welcome and are capable to support OEM and ODM productions. we are proud of continuing our services that beyond customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

Because we're the best

we make alternative energy extremely affordable


Respect for mankind, the environment and nature – without exception


Making extraordinary efforts in becoming a phenomenal company


Treating everyone with sincerity and forthrightness.


Integrity in action, Continuous improvement, Customer orientation

Our Products

CCE offer range of lithium cells for varied set of application. Lithium Ion and LiFePo4 are regularly available chemistry. In Lithium ion 18650 size very popular and universal standard size. Nominal Voltage of each cell is 3.7V. In 18650 size CCE offer Lithium Ion Cell ranging from 1200mAH to 5000mAH, discharge Rate 1c to 10C, life cycle up to 1000 charge discharge cycles.

In LiFePo4 chemistry we have various sizes such as 18650, 26650, 32650 and 32700, Cell Voltage always 3.2v, Cell Capacity ranges from 1500mAH to 6000mAH, Discharge rate 0.5C to 6C, Life cycle up to 3000.

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Li-ion batteries require corresponding management systems in order to use their full potential, to protect them against overcharge and total discharge, for the safe operation, and as an interface to other systems. The efficiency, reliability, safety and service life of the Li-ion batteries is largely depending of the effectiveness of the BMS. We are happy to help you develop a future lithium battery

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With the increased use of Lithium Batteries, Lithium Battery charger has also become an integral part of the system. Also known as EV Chargers, they are required to charge the Lithium batteries in a safe manner to protect them from being getting impaired & to add life to them.

Our Lithium battery charger is designed using NCM chemistry & is loaded with a lot of protection features that further add to the quality.

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Battery packaging materials play a crucial role in the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process. Indeed, considerable cost savings can be achieved when an adequate combination of mechanical, permeation, and seal-strength properties is present in the selected packaging material. With the widespread deployment of Lithium-ion batteries to power numerous applications over the course of the last decade, three primary packaging technologies have evolved as the most prevalent in the Lithium-ion battery industry: Cylindrical, Prismatic, and Pouch-based.

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Carbon Compass Enterprises is a one-stop solution for catering to all your Lithium battery needs efficiently. We focus on providing eco-friendly lithium battery packs thus successfully achieving promised higher capacities. These are lightweight & can be customized to suit your requirements.

The Standard lithium battery packs are available in a variety of models, made with precision & technical expertise, where features like BMS for protection, thermal sheets for heat dissipation aesthetics, etc are taken care of withstand the warranties offered for each product.

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It is time for a sustainable energy policy which puts consumers, the environment and mankind first - through technology.


It's going with CCE

To ensure that our customers can concentrate on their business, the performance of their products must be reliable and efficient. This is ensured, among other things, by the premium quality of our products.


All from a single source

No other intralogistics solution provider offers anything like our comprehensive service portfolio.


Always by your side

Long-term business relationships are more important to us than short-sighted targets.

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